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February 2011 Newsletter

Actions Speak Louder than Words Friends of Stradbroke Island Feb 9, 9:34 PM An analysis of the words and actions of successive Governments over the past 20 years unfortunately reveals hypocrisy, political spin and deception. Instead of ‘protecting and preserving the Island for future generations’, there has been an expansion of mining and the destruction which it causes.WordsIn 1990, the then Labor Government led parliament and the public to believe that half of North   Read more… Birdbath Gatherings Friends of Stradbroke Island Feb 9, 9:25 PM Female Leaden FlycatcherLittle Wattlebirds and Noisy Friarbirds   Read more… UNIMIN Charges Friends of Stradbroke Island Feb 9, 9:22 PM In December 2010 the court rejected a UNIMIN challenge to the current charges (taking the sand without permits).Last month the charges were adjourned to 14 June 2011. This is an unusually lengthy adjournment,  apparently sought by both UNIMIN and the Government. UNI