December 2011 Newsletter

Friends of Stradbroke Island
Dec 2, 5:38 PM
The FOSI Committee thanks you for your support in 2011 and looks forward to working with you in 2012 to preserve our beautiful island.
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Friends of Stradbroke Island
Dec 2, 5:37 PM
The spring wildflowers depicted below were photographed growing alongside the Blue Lake Track in September 2011 by Gail Quinn and Mary Barram.
Forest boronia
Guinea flower (hibbertia salicifolia)
Phyllota phillicodes
Agiortia pedicellata  Read more…
Friends of Stradbroke Island
Dec 2, 5:35 PM
There are numerous threats to waders in Australia and in other countries of the flyway. In many parts of South-east Asia the birds are hunted and there is widespread habitat loss through coastal reclamation and industrial development, especially in China and South Korea. In Queensland, there is inadequate protection of roost and feeding sites and threats from pollution.
The elusive Beach  Read more…
Friends of Stradbroke Island
Dec 2, 5:34 PM
Shorebirds are very easily disturbed by close activity. A disturbance is any action that interrupts the breeding, feeding or resting of shorebirds. For example, causing a shorebird to take flight represents a significant disturbance. When shorebirds take flight they use critical energy that is required for migration and breeding. Repeated disturbances and disturbances that occur before or after  Read more…
Friends of Stradbroke Island
Dec 2, 5:32 PM
For a good look at shorebirds, sit quietly at a distance and study them through binoculars or a spotting scope. Disturbance from boats, people and dogs is a problem and these sites are best viewed out of the holiday season.
Sooty Oystercatchers on the rocks at Frenchman’s Beach
Amity and Flinders Beach
One of the best places to see Straddie’s migratory shorebirds is on the Amity  Read more…
Friends of Stradbroke Island
Dec 2, 5:29 PM
It seems that the plight of immigrants and how Australia should welcome - or reject - them has dominated the news for months lately. While all this has been going on North Stradbroke Island has been quietly providing a temporary home to thousands of undocumented and hungry arrivals. Beginning in early September, Amity Point, 18 Mile Swamp and other wetlands across Straddie and throughout Moreton  Read more…
Friends of Stradbroke Island
Dec 2, 5:28 PM
We were woken early on Saturday 15 October by a storm which eased as we headed for Cleveland and the water-taxi to Dunwich to take part in the 2011 North Stradbroke Island Urban Koala survey, organised by RCC Wildlife.
There were about 30 volunteers this year and we surveyed the streets of each township in small groups, beginning at Dunwich. Here we found 10 koalas; then to Amity Point where  Read more…
Friends of Stradbroke Island
Dec 2, 5:22 PM
The Healthy Waterways 2011 Ecosystem Report Card was released last month providing an insight into the health of South East Queensland’s waterways and Moreton Bay.
The results show the full force of the flood with water quality deteriorating due to the significant amount of sediment and nutrients that have flowed into the bay from catchments.
Three of the region’s five catchments flowing into  Read more…
Friends of Stradbroke Island
Dec 2, 2:54 PM
Financial Review 09/09/2011
The Proposed National Park
The government’s vision for North Stradbroke Island includes declaring further national park by the end of 2011.
The area to be added to that declared in March this year will result in approximately 50% of the island becoming national park. While any declaration of any area as national park is obviously something we welcome because it  Read more…

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