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Corruption Fighter Tony Fitzgerald takes on Newman Government over Stradbroke

Reported in the weekend's Brisbane Times and Courier Mail (front page), Corruption Fighter Tony Fitzgerald QC has made a scathing assessment of the Newman government, in which he made mention of Stradbroke Island.
This is an extract:-
"Dishonest members of parliament, nepotism, preferential treatment of supporters, removal of limits on political donations, large-scale public service sackings, a major down-grade of hospital staff conditions, shutting down health and juvenile rehabilitation programs, reduced protection of the environment and support for commercial activities posing a risk of major damage to natural assets including the Great Barrier Reef and Stradbroke Islandtermination of the office of Climate Change and approval of activities involving large-scale emissions, limiting union rights, ill-informed and sometimes invalid criminal laws, changes to electoral laws - an unfortunate reminder of the gerrymanders which gave the National and Liberal Parties an unfair adv…

The government is lying about Stradbroke Island sand mining

The Brisbane Times today published an interesting article from our member Richard Carew. It has been popular with the Brisbane Times readership. This is the link -

Sand mining on North Stradbroke Island - The Sibelco favours,6640
This article published on the Independent Australia news website exposes the misreporting of the North Stradbroke legislation. Sand mining has not been extended to 2035. The Newman government amendments to the 2011 legislation passed in November last year, removed the restricted mine path at the Enterprise mine and allow Sibelco to apply, but not until 2019, to extend mining leases to 2035. 
Stradbroke Island is special. Enough damage has been done. We need to save straddie now, for the sake of our children and future generations. The Newman amendments must be repealed !