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FOSI Newsletter Issue 70 December 2014

Issue 70, December 2014
In this issue Summer Shorebirds at NSl
Moreton Bay Research Station Open Day
Goompi Trail walk
Urban Koala Survey 2014
Squirrel gliders on Straddie
Verdict on Sibelco’s criminal charges due any day
Quandamooka High Court challenge
Updates on EPBC Act investigation & Senate Inquiry into the Queensland Government
Glossy Black Cockatoo Count 2014

--------------------------------------------------------------- Summer Shorebirds at NSlMigratory bird numbers are peaking over late December as the last of the juvenile shorebirds arrive from their breeding grounds in Siberia and Central Asia. With its combination of muddy seagrass tidal wetlands, sandy habitats and rocky shores NSl provides great feeding opportunities for a wide range of visiting shorebirds. Birds to look for include Eastern Curlew, with its giant curved beak, Whimbrel and Bar-tailed Godwit. Good spotting locations are the tidal wetlands at Amity and Dunwich’s Bradbury Beach high tide roost. Al…