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FOSI Newsletter, Issue #71 - April 2015

FOSI Newsletter, Issue #71 - April 2015 “The sands of North Stradbroke Island have long been a political battlefield. Once again, the treasures hidden in those sands are at the centre of Queensland politics, perhaps forming a quagmire into which political careers could vanish without a trace”. Stephen Keim SC, Independent Australia, June 2014. In this issue 2015 Queensland State Election Farewell shorebirds Glossy Black Cockatoos Quandamooka Youth Bush Restoration - Open Day Tony Fitzgerald principles Tawny Frogmouths Updates Eighteen Mile Swamp
Loading mineral sands onto barge at Dunwich 2015 Queensland State ElectionThe election result will go down in history, as will the formation of Labor’s post-election cabinet which for the first time has a majority of women. But what a result for the natural environment of North Stradbroke! Of course, allowing Sibelco to continue to clear old growth forests and cause serious environmental harm for another five years is very sad and FOSI could never appro…