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FOSI Newsletter, Issue #72, September 2015

FOSI Newsletter, Issue #72, September 2015

In this issue Premier to protect Straddie environment from sand miningMinjerribah’s sandy wallabiesCouncil Orange TapeThe Eastern Long-Necked TurtleUpdates

Premier Palaszczuk to protect Straddie environment from sand mining
A 2019 end to sand mining has been confirmed by the Palaszczuk Government In January this year the Labor party promised that, if elected, it would “immediately repeal the disgraceful North Stradbroke Island Protection and Sustainability Act Amendment Act 2013“. The promised repeal is now overdue. But for the first time, Premier Palaszczuk has personally publicly confirmed that her government will end sand mining in 2019. Newman Government’s controversial changesThe Newman Government amendments controversially allowed for a further extension of sand mining to occur in 2019 and also removed a 2011 restricted mine path of 337 hectares, permitting land clearing and the destruction of at least an additional seven square kilometres of…