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FOSI Newsletter, Issue #73, December 2015

FOSI Newsletter, Issue #73, December 2015In this issue The Sand Mining Repeal BillCouncil Progress on Point Lookout ReserveFox action gets results.Sea turtles nesting on StraddieSummer guideShorebirds in the news for all the wrong reasons!UpdatesThe Sand Mining Repeal BillThe long awaited Bill to repeal the Newman amendments to the 2011 Bligh Government’s North Stradbroke sand mining legislation was introduced into parliament on 3 December. The Bill, if passed, will restore the 2019 end date for the “Enterprise” sand mine and impose a restricted mine path of 344 hectares. The Bill was immediately referred by the government to a parliamentary committee, for further consideration. It is to report to parliament by 31 March, 2016. The Bill will then be debated and voted on.  The closing date for submissions is 29 February. BackgroundIn April 2011 the Bligh government extended mining at the Enterprise mine to December, 2019 but restricted it to 198 hectares.  Three months later it increased…