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FOSI Newsletter, Issue #74, June 2016

In this edition:

A New Era for StradbrokeWhale Shark Spotted Off StraddieDraft Planning Scheme UpdateDunwich High Tide Roost Getting Good UseIsland Fox Control ContinuesCoastal Raptor Nests ProjectQuandamooka Festival 2016

A New Era for Stradbroke After a drawn out process of consultation and speculation, the Government’s Bill to repeal the 2013 Newman Government amendments to the North Stradbroke Island Act was passed by the Queensland Parliament on 25 May. The repeal of the Newman Government’s amendments and the restoration of the 2019 end date for mining is good news. This will save over 700 hectares of mostly undisturbed, high dune habitat from destruction and limit the impacts of mining on wetlands and the underlying aquifer. It is of course distressing that there will be three and a half more years of environmental harm, but a non-mining future for Straddie is now within sight. The passage of the Bill through Parliament was enlivened by the Billy Gordon and Rob Pyne episodes and th…