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FOSI Newsletter #78 December 2017

In this issue One Mile Dunwich - Wild Bird Alert! Moreton Bay’s Wetlands of International Importance Foxes continue to be baited in large numbers Koala Count 2017 Moreton Bay Water Quality Improves for 2017 The War on Cane Toads Did the Norfolk Great Wave occur on North Stradbroke Island? One Mile Dunwich - Wild Bird Alert! Pied Oystercatchers and terns on the Bradburys Beach high tide roost near the One Mile water taxi terminal. One Mile Dunwich - Wild Bird Alert! Riding the ferries and water taxis to the island is always a pleasure, but travellers coming and going at the One Mile ferry terminal have the extra bonus of passing through a wild bird hotspot. Before the ferry ties up, observant passengers can look out for the Eastern Osprey nest on a navigation buoy and admire the pelicans and cormorants expertly perched atop mooring poles. As travellers disembark, flitting above them in the terminal are Welcome Swallows attending their mud nests tucked among the roof trusses. And to both sides of …

FOSI Newsletter Issue #77 September 2017

In this issue
Newly Discovered Land Snails from North Stradbroke IslandLaunch of FOSI's Nature GuideGlossy Black Cockatoo Count ReportBrown LakeRed LakeFacebook Activities

Newly Discovered Land Snails from North Stradbroke Island
By Dr John Stanisic, Honorary Research Fellow, Queensland Museum Land snails were first identified on North Stradbroke island by natural scientists some years ago. They are rarely seen but are nonetheless critical components of the island’s natural environment. Large mainland species such as Fraser’s Banded Snail, Pale Banded Snail and the Greater Brisbane Woodland Snail are found in many of the island habitats which range from rainforest through eucalypt woodland to heath. However, very little scientific attention has been directed at the tiny species collectively known as the Pinwheel Snails. Dr Stanisic at work in the Queensland Museum, Photo by Mary Barram Pale Banded Snail Fraser's Banded Snail Minjerribah Pinwheel Snail Myora…