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FOSI Newsletter #79 April 2018

In this issueFarewell Shorebirds The State of Cylinder Beach Book review of ‘A Nature Guide to North Stradbroke Island: Minjerribah’ Facebook Activities Farewell ShorebirdsFor the majority of the year Moreton Bay’s migratory shorebirds spend their time foraging on the bay’s mud and sand flats. Now, they are just starting to leave for warming Arctic climes where they breed annually. Great Knot with Bar-tailed Godwits on sand bank off Amity Point, Photo by Athol Klieve The bay provides crucial habitat for critically endangered Far Eastern Curlews and Great Knots and for vulnerable Bar-tailed Godwits, among other wader species. Moreton Bay’s environmental significance is to a large extent as a refuge for these remarkable migratory birds, who are now under severe threat from loss of habitat through coastal reclamation. So significant are these birds that a number of international agreements have been signed by Australia to protect them. Moreton Bay was declared a Ramsar site 25 years ago. Under t…