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FOSI Comments on Naree Budjong Djara Draft Management Plan July 2020

  Friends of Stradbroke Island Association Inc. PO Box 167  POINT LOOKOUT, Q 4183 ABN: 37 521 315 877 E: 3rd July 2020 Comments on Naree Budjong Djara Draft Management Plan General Comments  • Friends of Stradbroke Island (FOSI) welcomes the opportunity to make comments on this draft management plan. FOSI is supportive of the partnership between QYAC and the Queensland government to manage the Naree Budjong Djara national park and associated protected areas on Minjerribah. We acknowledge that the Native Title determination of 2011 underpins this partnership and we believe that partnership with the Native Title holders is the appropriate way to ensure the best management and outcomes for Minjerribah, its environment, its people and their culture. • FOSI is generally supportive of the draft plan but does have concerns and suggestions about some aspects, as outlined below. We feel that the plan is quite general in its framing and would therefore like to be kept inform

Toondah Harbour FOSI Members Letter 2020

Dear, Outrageous Toondah Harbour Development Proposal As someone who loves Moreton Bay, its foreshores and islands, I am contacting you to say that I strongly oppose the Toondah Harbour development at Cleveland, as proposed by Walker Corporation. It includes an astounding 3,600 high rise apartments, an hotel, a convention centre and a marina, and will cover an area of 67ha, including 49.5ha of tidal wetlands in Moreton Bay. This outrageous proposal will have devastating environmental impacts, including: • Destruction of Ramsar listed wetlands, a vital habitat for wader birds that migrate each year           to and from east Asia, including the critically endangered Eastern Curlew, the endangered              Bar-tailed Godwit and 18 other species of migratory birds that feed or roost in the Toondah           wetlands.  • Damage to mangroves that are important habitat for fish breeding and for crabs and other               marine invertebrates. • Removal or damage of mature trees

FOSI Newsletter #81 September 2019

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